"I was never a particularly active person before I started training with Gina. I never did sports as a child and hated going to the gym. Cardio was my worst nightmare. Finally, I took the plunge and decided to give personal training a shot as my Hail Mary pass to becoming a more active person.

Gina was absolutely fantastic and completely changed my perspective on working out. She is skilled at creating challenging workouts that allow you to consistently and rapidly improve. She is motivating while also being supportive and understanding; a truly invaluable combination when it comes to training. She's also a wonderful person, and the hour of training always flew by. For the first time in my life, I looked forward to working out.

I was heartbroken when she moved to Ohio, but her impact on my life has been profound. Her new clients are lucky to have her! I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone looking to get in shape and have a great time doing it."


"I have been attending TRX classes with Gina for about 9 months now.  I find her classes challenging and never boring.  She is always changing up her classes so that you are learning new TRX routines.  She keeps me motivated with great music and positive feedback.  I can feel myself getting stronger and Gina always does a great job of pushing you to try something new or harder, but at the same time she makes sure you are always using the proper form to prevent injuries.  For anyone new to TRX, she always does a fantastic job of demonstrating the moves and providing modifications so you will be able to catch on quickly.


“Training with Gina is one of the highlights of my week. Besides enjoying the benefits of the workout, I love being around her. She’s fun and energetic and passionate about helping others to become healthier and stronger. And it’s contagious! Gina is a natural teacher utilizing physical and mental techniques with explanations, all the while smiling and encouraging you to persevere. She is not afraid to share her own personal challenges and experiences, which is so inspiring! Her TRX class is something to look forward to. Using great music and stressing good form, she helps strengthen the core, arms, and legs. She knows the importance of working to improve balance, too. She helps clients modify a technique to avoid injuries and begins each class with a warm-up. Every class ends with stretching to quiet music. Gina is someone who makes you want to come to the gym and make exercise part of your lifestyle. She truly cares about her clients. Working with Gina has helped increase my bone density and improve my balance. Last summer, I was able to climb Mt. Washington and without Gina’s encouragement and inspiration this would not have been possible.”


“Gina is an awesome trainer! I have shoulder issues that I’ve been dealing with for over 20 years, and Gina has consistently listened to my concerns and designed routines adapted to my needs. She is positive and enthusiastic, as well as empathetic and supportive. I always enjoy our sessions and feel good afterwards.”


“I have trained with Gina in group TRX classes and on a one-to-one basis for the past two-and-a-half years. She is a thorough, fun, and caring trainer who understands her clients’ needs.  She takes time to ensure that all exercises are done correctly so as to gain the best from the workout and to avoid injuries. During my one-to-one training sessions, Gina takes time to listen to what I want to gain from the experience. She explains all the exercises correctly and highlights the benefits of each one. This means that, when I train on my own, I know the exact form required. I really enjoy the TRX classes with Gina. She takes time to explain to all new clients the form and benefits of each exercise and tailors the workouts to suit everyone’s abilities — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — which is one of the benefits of TRX, since all abilities can work out in the same class. You can even request music preferences! Gina is a fun trainer who takes time to understand her clients’ goals and needs. She is brilliant at adapting routines to accommodate injuries and different abilities, and makes the whole experience an enjoyable one.”


“I have been doing the TRX class with Gina for several months now. I really enjoy how the suspension straps add to my workout routine. It makes some typical exercises, such as squats, more challenging. With TRX, I get deeper into the stretches and, at the end of the hour-long class, I feel revitalized and ready to start my day. Gina is an excellent instructor. She is always changing the exercises up so that it doesn't get stale. She is encouraging without being harsh. She has an ever-present smile and exudes energy and health. I've been at this exercise thing for a long time and have had several trainers and have taken many classes; Gina is, by far, one of my favorite trainers.”


“Gina worked with me to develop an individualized strength training regimen to help me regain strength after years of chronic injuries. She is extremely upbeat, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She is also great at crafting routines that incorporate lots of variety (important for people like me who get bored). Gina can work effectively with all levels and she, herself, is a role model of fitness!


“I take Gina's TRX classes at Snap Fitness. She is a knowledgeable trainer and is passionate about helping people. Her "story" and how she's changed her life is truly an inspiration. TRX classes are challenging, and can be personalized for each client. I had never taken TRX and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm very fit and still feel challenged and my muscles are fatigued after the class. It targets muscles that I never knew I had. Gina is full of energy, and makes it fun.


“I started seeing Gina for my back pain (I have a herniated disc with sciatica in my whole leg). We meet twice a week and she gives me exercises to do at home. At the beginning, I couldn’t bend my leg, and I wasn’t flexible, and I had chronic sciatic pain. Gina had me doing a lot of stretching and, session by session, she slightly changed my exercises, making them a little more challenging. After several sessions, she had me try TRX. I was amazed! After the first time trying TRX, I quickly felt some changes in my body and relief in my back. TRX didn’t hurt my back at all! Spectacular! Gina is always present in her sessions with you; she carefully observes your every movement and immediately makes corrections to your form when necessary. I’m doing better. I’m becoming more flexible again, my whole body more toned, and my back is bothering me less. With her sweetness, sensitivity, and warm smile, Gina makes you feel that she’s putting as much care and effort into you as she would into herself. She takes time with you and she won’t let you down. You’ll never leave her, trust me. Gina is an amazing personal trainer, a passionate and serious professional.


"Gina exemplifies the personal in 'personal trainer'. Even in group classes, she is always ready to work with you on your individual requirements. She also manages to make even the toughest sessions enjoyable and fun. I look forward to my sessions with her every week -- even though I know I'll be sore afterwards!"


"Gina is an outstanding master of her craft. With a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, she’s the real deal! I have been taking her TRX classes for quite a while and always look forward to a fabulous, upbeat workout every time! Gina is very caring and attentive to each of her client’s individual abilities and needs, and knows how to encourage and push them to achieve their goals. I highly recommend her without reservation. She’s the best!"


"After several decades of not taking care of myself, I ended up requiring two major surgeries within a year. Gina has been instrumental in my recovery. Her workouts are always right on the mark. When we finish a workout I am always tired, but not overly exhausted. Sometimes sore, but never in pain. Gina is now training me on TRX and is getting me ready for my first 5K run, something I haven’t been able to do in 35 years! Thanks to Gina, I am learning to enjoy working out again."


"Gina's enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the human body works gives me the confidence and trust to get stronger. She adapts her training to her clients’ individual needs and their overall goals. She encourages and pushes, but never to injury. Her workouts are varied and fun, resulting in my realization of greater balance, strength, and improved tone. Without Gina’s training, I would not have learned to ski at age 62!



"TRX is hard. No getting around it. But it’s as hard as you make it, and Gina is the perfect guide to maximizing your workout while avoiding injury. Always upbeat and encouraging, Gina is great for people who are just starting out and for those who are more experienced. TRX is an incredibly effective strength and cardio workout regimen and Gina is a very skilled guide to help participants of all levels. Maintain a routine of Gina's classes and you will quickly get stronger and fitter. Absolutely.”


"I hired Gina as my personal trainer and I can honestly say she was the best one I have ever worked with.  She individualized my program, which is something I have not received in the past.  A twenty year old woman has different needs than a 60 year old and Gina respects that.  She pushed me through our sessions with her encouragement, but at the same time respected my abilities. She is quite knowledgeable and, as a result, can vary the workouts.”


"Gina is a very experienced trainer with an upbeat and positive personality. She blends encouragement and advice to allow people to develop at their own pace. Gina still seeks out learning opportunities to expand her knowledge and capabilities. Her broad repertoire, coupled with a flexible approach to any session, allows her to blend a variety of equipment and techniques and create a class that is always challenging - and never dull!”


"Whenever I'm in town visiting, Gina’s TRX class is always my top priority! Her energy and enthusiasm, coupled with the right amount of intensity — while also being aware of your needs and capabilities — is what sets Gina apart from other trainers.  Always looking to fine-tune her craft and build on strong fundamentals, her passion shines through in her creative and fun routinesIt's impossible not to feel invigorated and stronger after working out with Gina!


"I have been taking TRX classes with Gina for a couple of months now. It did not take long for me to begin feeling some noticeable improvement in my own strength and I have quickly become a big fan of this kind of workout. Gina makes every class very fun and, at the same time, very challenging. One of my favorite things about TRX is that it is completely adjustable of your specific abilities and Gina is great at suggesting ways to modify every exercise so that it can be the right fit for each person in the room. It is clear to me that she has a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals and I can’t recommend her highly enough!


"I have been doing TRX with Gina for the past couple of years. I work out 6 times a week and her TRX class is an added bonus to my regular workouts. Gina is very conscientious when teaching her class; she makes sure we are doing proper form to prevent any injuries and to optimize the benefits of TRX. I highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to try something different. It is great for all ages and abilities. Gina makes it work for you!"